Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kegging, Conditioning and Fermentation Setup

I have all of my kegging, conditioning and fermentation equipment set up in the furnace room of my basement.  Following are some pics of the setup.

I ferment in a temperature controlled chest freezer in a 15.5 gallon Sanke keg.  My batches are usually 10 gallons so this gives me plenty of head space for fermentation.  I use the Sanke fermentation conversion kit from  It has a dip tube, blowoff port, and a port for a temperature probe.

 Closed fermentation freezer with temperature control unit.
 Open fermentation freezer showing 15.5 gal. Sanke keg.
 Close-up of Sanke Fermentation Conversion Kit from
Temperature control maintaining the Scottish 80 Shilling at 65 degrees.

I condition in a temperature controlled freezer.  It has room for 4 kegs plus some bottles.  I am planning on building a collar at some point to give me space for 3 more kegs.

 Closed conditioning freezer
 Open conditioning freezer.
Conditioning freezer temperature control keeping the kegs at just over 40 degrees.

I converted my old refrigerator into my kegerator.  I store my hops in the freezer portion.  The kegerator has 5 taps and room for 6 kegs.  I have 6 different secondary CO2 regulators to dial in the carbonation level of the beers on tap.  I use a 20 lb CO2 tank to supply the CO2.

 Front of kegerator.
Close up of taps.
 Back of taps coming through the door.
 Six kegs with a bunch of air and beverage hoses.
Secondary CO2 regulators.
 20 lb. CO2 tank.
Hops in the freezer, each bag has 4 oz. of hops.

I also have a spare mini-fridge that I use to store some of the commercial beers I have as well as my dry yeast.
Closed mini-fridge.
Freshly stocked mini-fridge from my recent trip from Portland.

So that's my "beer room" in my basement.  Thanks for looking.


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